What bankers make of Peter Gelb’s Met plans

What bankers make of Peter Gelb’s Met plans


norman lebrecht

September 24, 2015

Some business-class quotes from opening night:

Jacques Brand, Deutsche Bank CEO (North America) and a Met Opera advisory board member:

‘Tonight we enjoyed an opera composed by an Italian, based on a British play, brought to life by an American director, conducted by a French Canadian, and performed by a cast of Serbians, Bulgarians, Latvians and others. I can tell you, working for a global organization, this is the kind of collaboration on a global scale that we all strive for.’ (Deutsche Bank has been lead sponsor of the Met’s opening night for 15 years.)

Julie Macklowe, former hedge-fund manager: ‘We just care that they have enough money that we can still come.’

Daisy Soros, Met advisory director, on plans to give Sunday performances: ‘If (finance people) come during the week, they fall asleep; on Sundays, they’re alive.’

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Full business-class report from Amanda Gordon on Bloomberg, here.