US orch takes concertmaster from Finland

Buffalo, without a concertmaster since Michael Ludwig departed 18 months ago, has announced Dennis Kim as its new numero uno.

Dennis, Korea born and Curtis trained, is currently leading the Tampere Philharmonic in Finland. He has worked previously in the US, as concertmaster in Tucson. More here.


dennis kim

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  • This is a major loss to the Tampere Philharmonic, which is emerging as one of the best Nordic orchestras under the whirlwind guidance of Santtu-Matias Rouvali, but congratulations and good luck to Dennis!

    • That’s right, Madam Milka, THE BUFFALO PHILHARMONIC- which has had such illustrious music directors as William Steinberg, Joseph Krips and Lukas Foss. And BTW, your ignorance (which you feature regularly in this blog) reveals your provincial origins.

  • So glad you can discern provincial origins and ignorance –but Buffalo will
    always be ” Buffalo ” as in you can’t be serious …& much laughter……Buffalo !??????

  • Obviously Buffalo has its advantages. It now has a new concertmaster, and that orchestra in Finland is looking for one. Now, time to compare chicken wings.

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