Two Russians and an American in Leeds final six

The finalists were announced last night, out of an original field of 69. They are:

Heejae Kim, 28 (Korea)

Tomoki Kitamura, 24 (Japan)

Drew Petersen, 21 (USA)

Vitaly Pisarenko, 28 (Russia)

Anna Tcybuleva, 25 (Russia)

Yun Wei, 21 (China)

leeds finalists

posed with founder, Dame Fanny Waterman

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  • Very sorry that English pianist Ashley Fripp didn’t make the final six. Having heard him win the Guildhall Gold and most recently, do marvels with Pictures in a City church, I think he is a major talent, modest and unassuming too.
    Maybe he needs to change his name to Fripporenko or suchlike

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