This opera house is prepared to bus you in from home

Chicago has launched a Lyric Opera Bus for the northern suburbs. It costs $20 return, and you can have that second intermission drink without a second thought.

Way to go.

Read here.


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  • Congratulations to this enormous progress – by American standards.

    I am writing this from a country where virtually any theatre and concert hall can easily be reached by public transport – and using it is in many cases included in the ticket price.

  • Lyric Opera is situated just west of the loop in downtown Chicago. The Red Line subway is a few blocks to the east and the elevated train lines are even closer. A block and a half to the west is the Ogilve Center, a terminus that serves commuter trains to suburbs south, west and north. I almost always take the train when I go to the opera or symphony. No lack of public transport in Chicago.

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