The essence of Arvo Pärt, as seen from Estonia

The essence of Arvo Pärt, as seen from Estonia


norman lebrecht

September 11, 2015

Fascinating details revealed in a hometown tribute to the 80th birthday boy.

The young lad attended school, fooled around with his friends and became fixated on films screened in the local cinema. Music entered his life bit by bit, but from a certain point onwards it overshadowed everything else. The radio became the focal point of his life: after all it played classical music. On Fridays, live concerts were transmitted and the young Pärt biked to the central square of the town, which had a loudspeaker attached to a post. He used to circle around that post until the end of the concerts. Today the sculpture of a boy with a bicycle on the central square in Rakvere is reminiscent of those occasions.


Essential reading for Pärtners.

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