Paris Opéra: The strike continues

Paris Opéra: The strike continues


norman lebrecht

September 07, 2015

Tonight’s performance of Platée has been cancelled. Miserable way to open the season.



  • Stereo says:

    Typical French!

    • Jaypee says:

      Please, tell us more about your expertise on France.

      Care to tell us where you’re from so we can discuss about what’s ‘typical’ about you and your country?

      • Fergus Johnston says:

        I went to Paris for the premier of Kaaia Saariaho’s opera Adriana Mater. It was cancelled because of a strike.

        • jaypee says:

          I went to Oxford last fall and was supposed to fly home with Lufthansa. My flight was cancelled because Lufthansa was on strike. Guess what: Lufthansa is still on strike, almost one year later.
          Typical German?

      • Tom says:

        The fact that you react as you do, and immediately try to turn the attention away from the issue at hand, namely the endless strikes and near permanent state that of social disruption in France is, sorry to say, also “typically French”. Yes, every nation and people have unique and “typical” characteristics. The problem with France is that theirs are particularly annoying and problems and disputes never seem to resolve themselves, but rather repeat over and over for decades. It is interesting to see and to note that the thousands of immigrants trying desperately to reach Europe all want to go to either Germany or the UK, not France. Apparently, even these people, coming from war torn countries and misery, even they know that France is not the place to make a life for themselves and their families, even though 24,000 will be taken in by France. That is not where they want to go. As one said today in an interview, “France is not good for work and the people always make problems in their work and strike constantly. I want to take my family to a place where we can live and work under good conditions.” So, apparently even the refugees know that France has got serious problems and has fallen so far. Sorry, but facts are facts. I actually love to visit France, but would never live and work there, ever.