New York loses leading classical broadcaster

New York loses leading classical broadcaster


norman lebrecht

September 27, 2015

Naomi Lewin will be making her last broadcast on WQXR tonight, Sunday, September 27th.

Naomi is the station’s weekend host and presenter of the weekly podcast Conducting Business. She had been recruited by WQXR from a high-profile position at WGUC, Cincinnati’s classical public radio station.

We don’t think she’s leaving willingly. Neither Naomi nor the station has made any public comment.

Whatever the case, WQXR will not easily replace her hard-won experience and lightly-worn knowledge.




  • John Evans says:

    Yes I just heard her play “Abschied” by Franz Schubert. Sad. Financial problems besetting the station? I got a desperate email couple weeks ago asking for $15,000 with no purpose mentioned. Most odd form of fund raising.

  • LL2 says:

    What gives with Naomi’s sudden departure. If she’s under a code of silence, it must be something controversial.

    Don’t subscribers deserve to hear both sides?

  • Fred G says:

    This is really too bad as Naomi had been a great afternoon drive host until they sidelined her to weekends. Whatever problems WQXR is having is much more likely the fault of its repetitive and unimaginative programming than it is the hosts.

  • Anonymous says:

    Your suspicions are not unfounded, Norman. Not a happy departure from what I hear.

  • Delphine Beyle says:

    Finally!!! Her choice of music was good, but that cuter-than-a-button routine of hers made listening impossible.

  • MaisieB says:

    Such a shame to lose a wonderful host, and I hear yet another long-time host will be leaving soon, what’s going on at WQXR? Fred is right, they should be asking more questions of management.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s true. Today is WQXR host David Garland’s last day on the air. ???

  • Lawrence says:

    Not sure what is going on at WQXR. David Garland gave his last broadcast yesterday evening. He had been on the NY airwaves for some 30 years.

  • Michael says:

    I know. First Naomi now David. What’s going on? It’s possible they might return back on the air for WQXR’s fundraiser drives. But to me always an even bigger loss WQXR lost was the dismissal of Gregg Whiteside who’s now in Philadelphia on classical WRTI.

  • George Jochnowitz says:

    Naomi Lewin was the only host who knew how to pronounce the first name of composer Amilcare Ponchielli. The name is stressed on the antepenultimate syllable: aMILcare.

  • John says:

    Has anyone heard more about Naomi Lewin’s departure since the last posts. And is she somewhere else on the dials?

  • Blooma says:

    I’v been missing her not knowing the reason her voice is suddenly gone. I love her warm “singer’s” voice and her rich knowledge. Comments always appropriate and informative. I miss her.

  • Mary E. Gale says:

    It is a shame that Naomi Lewin is no longer on WQXR. She is an amazing commentator and sorely missed. What happened?
    ME. Gale

  • dale says:

    Where is Naomi????

  • George Murphy says:

    Politics is the name of the game – everywhere we look.
    I am disappointed, too, with the poor reception in the North Jersey Coastal area. I am not 45 miles south of New York City – what gives?

    I liked Gregg Whiteside and James Ursay (sic) in the NY Times days of WQXR; however, I am happy that the commercial days are over.

  • John Evans says:

    You can hear Naomi every Sunday morning at 8am on WQXR with “Classics for Kids”. Count me in, Naomi, I learn something every time and I’m well beyond kid-dom.