Miss Mississippi 2015 plays the violin. She loses

miss mississippi 2015

Expect to see that dress some time soon at Carnegie Hall.


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  • Miss Georgia, who won, singing Tu Tu Piccolo Iddio. Yes, there are issues, but to choose this aria on Miss America? That’s someone who knows and loves opera. Apparently she’s majoring in Vocal Performance and also interested in Broadway.

    Past winner at NATS.


    • Yes, indeed this could be right out of a Seinfeld episode.The only problem is that in the USA nowadays, it is a very fine and blurred line that separates fiction, including science fiction and pure horror, from reality and more often than not, fiction would be preferable.

      • The episode where Kramer is dealing with a beauty contestant whose act is some pigeons, which are killed by Seinfeld and George. She still has to do something so goes on stage and sings, even though she’s never sung before – “It’s a most unusual day….”

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