Maestro stays: Yannick renews his third job

The apparently indefatigable Yannick Nézet-Séguin has signed on for five more years with the hometown orch that gave him his first break, the Orchestre Métropolitain of Montreal.

‘My commitment has never wavered to the first orchestra that was prepared to place its trust in a young conductor 15 years ago,’ he said today, signing a contract that sees him through to 2021.

Yannick, 40, is also music director of the Philadelphia and the Rotterdam Phil. He’s due to leave the latter in 2018.


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  • Great. Remember that it’s only a few weeks a year and probably not that hard to coordinate with his Philly weeks. And as far as I know he still makes Montreal his home, and the orchestra includes a lot of his music school mates, so it’s like family. Ironically, Montreal is probably the only city in the world where YSN is a lesser celebrity than Kent Nagano. There’s still a bit of the prophet going without honor in his hometown here.

    • Yes, Yannick does still make his home in Montreal, and among the musicians of the Orchestre Métropolitain are not just many of his school-mates, but also his husband.

  • Speaking of Nagano, wasn’t he continuing as music director of Berkeley Symphony well after decades of international superstardom? I think it’s a classy move – until the maestro’s absence starts to impede the smaller band’s progress.

    • Probably not, actually. YNS could probably make a lot more money guest conducting A-list bands in the weeks that he devotes to Orchestre Metropolitaine.

    • I think it is known as loyalty. And it is his home.

      Despite his success, Yannick still has humility and modesty. He owes a lot to Montreal, Quebec and Orchestre Metropolitaine. I think he will always lead them, as long as they want him.

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