Just in: Maestro takes care packages to refugees

Ivan Fischer has spoken out in Berlin against his government’s treatment of the refugee crisis at its borders. Now he has organised an aid convoy. He spoke yesterday in Budapest (in Hungarian, followed by English) about the mission, and other Hungarians who are helping. ‘They saved the conscience of this country,’ he says.

Click here to watch.


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    • Agreed. These countries that do not want to help the refugees should be kicked out of the EU. It is not an “all the benefits but none of the responsibilities” organisation.

  • I will not go into his motivations, but Maestro Fischer is certainly ignorant of his country’s history. Islam and Christianity have never mixed well in that part of the world. Coming from Croatia, I can only say that a large inflow of Muslim population will only create further future conflicts and bloodshed. That’s the fact of life, as history tends to repeat itself over there.

    • Fact of life is: RELIGION creates further conflict and bloodshed. It needs to be moderated by enlightened forces, anywhere. Now the difference between the Islamic world and the Christian world is only one of a few hundred years.
      What you forget is, that many of the Syrian refugees come from a once SECULAR country, many of them not even of Islamic faith.

      • You are a good man. I have no doubt you have good intentions and I commend you for that. However, my experience makes me slightly more pessimistic. Yugoslavia used to be a secular country, too. Tito tried to make people forget their ancient religions and national identity. It didn’t work. It was burning under the surface and then erupted like a volcano. You know the rest. I am afraid that the situation with Syrian/Middle Eastern refugees is the same. They will not forget overnight something they have lived with for centuries.

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