Israel Chamber Orchestra to close

It’s one of the oldest in the country but an IS4 million deficit and the loss of Government subsidy seems certain to put 40 musicians out of work over the High Holidays period. Report here (in Hebrew).

Ariel Zuckerman is the artistic director.

israel chamber orch

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  • Sad! This was once an excellent group; I heard them in the 1980s with Yoav Talmi and then later on tour with Shlomo Mintz. Always interesting programs and tight ensemble. Since then the Israel Symphony Orchestra has come on the scene, and I’m wondering whether this has eaten up some funding. The contrasting format with the IPO surely made more sense.

  • This is a very sad loss. Israel does not have classical music institutions to spare. The ICO occupies an important place in the country’s cultural life. I hope the funding can be found for them to continue.

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