International maestro shuns black dress code

International maestro shuns black dress code


norman lebrecht

September 23, 2015

You will normally see Vasily Petrenko, music director of the Royal Liverpool Phil and the Oslo Phil, in black tails.

Not last night at the Royal Albert Hall, apparently.

He dressed like the young Jack Nicholson in a very bad film.

petrenko gold jacket


  • Sophie says:

    Under him, the Oslo Philharmonic also sounds like a joke.

  • Cesare civetta says:

    good. It’s about time why should conductors and symphony musicians wear black and white? how boring.

  • Anon2 says:

    Eiji Oue blows all conductors out of the water with his personal dress code! He was a Bernstein student. He takes the Bernstein look and kicks it way up a notch!

  • Una says:

    Good for him! Very well liked as a conductor in Liverpool. Whatever about Oslo, certainly the LPO play extremely well.

  • Dominique says:

    While he might look cool for a younger audience, it is certainly a distraction for the orchestra to look into a moving ikebana and stay focused.

  • Luk says:

    He had the right fit for the evening (has anyone read the article of the link?!). What’s to comment on?

  • Rebecca says:

    I don’t see this is even newsworthy. The orchestra were wearing sombreros, boas and wigs, after all. It was a charity performance for Make Some Noise.

  • Jon says:

    What makes Vasily Petrenko an “international maestro” in contrast with the “German conductor”, “English boss” and “German stars” that we find in other headlines in this website?

  • Catherine Bullock says:

    Do we really, Sophie? ☺ Thanks.

  • Seymourlive says:

    It’s really time some of you ‘commentators’ loosened up a bit and bothered to think a little as to why in fact a very serious and accomplished maestro might dress up… Even without googling it I would have thought it may occur to you that this was a charity event… cut out the opinionated crap and get doing something for charity yourselves