IMG walkout agent names the artists who’ve joined him

Bill Palant was one of several high-profile agent departures from IMG Artists this year. He has just founded his own firm, Étude Arts.

The roster consists of sopranos Christine Brandes, Julia Bullock, Christiane Libor, Melody Moore, and Lauren Snouffer; mezzo-soprano Kelley O’Connor; tenors Michele Angelini, Paul Appleby, Joseph Kaiser, Sean Panikkar, Stuart Skelton, Nicky Spence, and John Tessier; baritones Alan Opie (pictured below in ENO’s Death of Klinghoffer) and Sean Michael Plumb; and basses Peixin Chen, Soloman Howard, and Bastian Thomas Kohl.

Bill says: ‘Étude Arts is dedicated to the holistic success of both performer and presenter; to health and well-being; to dynamic growth and career longevity; to progressive business practice; and to outstanding performance on a global stage. We are fuelled by integrity, and emboldened by the possibilities open to artists and the arts in the twenty-first century.’



UPDATE: We understand that some of these artists will continue to be shared with IMG London. Nicky Spence – IMG Artists remains General Manager (Stefania Almansi, Anna Ianni), Stuart Skelton – IMG Artists remains European manager (Peter Wiggins), John Tessier – IMG Artists remains European Manager (Stefania Almansi).

The Death of Klinghoffer

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  • IMG defector? Walkout agent? For seriously F’s sake. The worst (and most insidious and despicable) emotive language and wholly and completely unrepresentative of both the man and the agencies, both IMG and the new venture.

    Vile and lazy “journalism” at it’s very, very worst. Two honorable institutions and a most honorable man and agent by all accounts, who sets out on his own. The roster being, apparently, a VERY good indication of the esteem in which Mr Palant is held.

    But I don’t suppose that means anything to you, does it. Cheap, underhanded and completely mischaracterised.

    I think that an apology for such sneering tone might be in order, but I suspect that would require more intestinal fortitude and “honour” than you posses.

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