Hero of the week: Bassoonist runs 100km to help music education

Hero of the week: Bassoonist runs 100km to help music education


norman lebrecht

September 27, 2015

Marc Feldman, chief executive of the Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne, shares this:

marc mouginot

Yesterday, the principal bassoon of the Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne which I direct did something extraordinary – I mean really extraordinary. He ran 100km (62 miles 2/12 marathons) in support of music education. We hope that every kilometre that he completed will have its sponsor.

And – he completed the whole race – 25k in 3 hours, the marathon in 5 hours, 71 km in 10 hours and the last stretch at night to finish 100km at 16:20:55! An inspiring performance by Marc Mouginot. Support him and us, in our effort to have every kilometre sponsored in favor of music ed. Go here to show your support and 100 Bravos for Marc.


  • tmsfan says:

    Good effort. Perhaps he got the idea from Mark Eager, who in April 2014, as Principal Conductor of the Welsh Sinfonia, ran 6 marathons in 6 days to raise £6000 for the orchestra’s “Crescendo” project?

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    Great, Mr Feldman ran 100 Km to help music education. I am sure he would not get the same result by running just 50 km.

    • music montreal says:

      The runner was Orchestre de Bretagne solo bassoonist Marc Muginot, and not their (also bassoonist) manager Marc Feldman. But why the sarcasm? Running 100km is an awesome accomplishment, and so is supporting music education…

      • Pianofortissimo says:

        Well, you surely see a connection with running 100 Km and supporting musical education, can you explain this to me, and to other “unenlightened people as well?

        • music montreal says:

          click on the link in the original post, and if you don’t speak french then run the page through google translate. in a nutshell: through donations in support of his 100km run, this musician hopes to raise funds in support of the educational mission of the orchestre de bretagne – kids concerts, school visits etc.

  • Laurence Perkins says:

    Fantastic, Marc! We need support of all kinds for music education – including real commitment from governments and education authorities. Music is not an option – it is an essential part of human society, and should be valued at the same level as all the other main subjects. For my contribution to music education – specifically in the world of the bassoon – see my website http://www.laurenceperkins.com for details of a 42-event project between October and December, starting with International Bassoon Day on Sunday 11th October! Laurence Perkins