Introducing Gergiev’s latest protégé, 13

Introducing Gergiev’s latest protégé, 13


norman lebrecht

September 24, 2015


alexander malofeev

His name’s Alexander Malofeev and he’s supposed to be 13 years old, though he doesn’t look it.

Uncannily mature, he’s a pupil of Larissa Gergeieva and he has worked several times with her brother. He’s now taking time off school to appear at Larissa’s current festival in the Gergievs’ home province, north Ossetia. Watch.


  • Peter Schünemann says:

    True is, that Alexander Malofeev played at Larissa Gergieva’s festival in Vladikavkaz. Not true is, that she is his teacher. At least to my knowlledge his teacher is still Elena Berezkina. And : This exciting young pianist is more Denis Matsuev’s than Gergiev’s protégé. You should check from internet, to which festivals Matsuev had invited him.

  • Peter Schünemann says:

    Sorry, Norman, I don’t understand Russian, but I understand, what Alexander Malofeev wrote to me on Facebook : “Alexander Malofeev My teacher Elena Berezkina!”

  • da96103 says:

    Young Alexander played during the Grand Opening of the recent Tchaikovsky competition.

    I predict that Mr Malofeev would be awarded the role of Kharitonov in the new ‘Russian Opera’ entitled Tchaikovsky XVI to be premiered in 2019.

    Will the Americans be able to produce a pianist capable of filling the difficult role of ‘George Li’ ? Perhaps Mr Ushikubo has feet large enough to fill in those shoes. Down South, Mr Han would also be vying for the same role. The British are not to shabby either offering Mr Harliono-Evans.

    Me thinks we will have the same narrative for the new ‘opera’ as the old one. Exciting times for piano performance. Exciting times.

    • da96103 says:

      Sorry correction: The British are not TOO shabby …..

    • Peter Schünemann says:

      “I predict that Mr Malofeev would be awarded the role of Kharitonov in the new ‘Russian Opera’ entitled Tchaikovsky XVI to be premiered in 2019.”

      I agree. His was already winning in 2014 the Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Artists.

  • Milka says:

    Now if they can only teach him to jump through a flaming hoop and land
    on the piano bench and begin playing what a talent that would be .Poor kid …….What
    half witted grown ups do to their children !!!!!!!

    • Holly says:


    • Wb says:

      Just because you do not possess the ability to play piano at an early age doesn’t mean another person doesn’t. You don’t have any evidence his parents pushed him into this, only evidence he plays with inspiration and dedication, something nobody can force a child to do. One out of millions possesses such a musical gift, and what a waste if a parent such as yourself would rather see him be a “normal” kid playing video games like all the mediocre children of this world.