Double-bassist is charged with concert pianist murder

Double-bassist is charged with concert pianist murder


norman lebrecht

September 01, 2015

John Martin, 47, a musician, has been formally accused of killing concert pianist Natalia Strelchenko, who was found dying of head wounds at a domestic residence in Newton Heath, Manchester, on Sunday.

Natalia was 38. She is survived by her son.

John Martin was her companion and manager. He is further accused of the attempted murder of a boy under the age of 17. He will appear at Manchester Manchester Court tomorrow.

natalia strelle

The case has certain similarities with the Bonn murder last year of a Belgian concert pianist, Kate de Marcken.


  • John Borstlap says:

    Heartbreaking story.

    But it is very dangerous to marry your agent.

  • Una says:

    This is all terribly sad news. Many are married and then the husband becomes the agent, and that has worked for those I know. But this is just awful, and how many more end up like this through a combination of domestic violence and mental illness, and never reach the newspapers because they’re not famous. When I lived in Sale we had four coffins in our church at one go – the wife, two kids and the murderer, the husband, who then killed himself. He wasn’t a concert agent. Just what we perceived as a normal family. There would have been five coffins if one of the sons hadn’t been out in town with his friends. What a life.

  • Pamela Brown says:

    Well, spending too much time on a double-bass can be unnerving too…:-0