By request: The Hebrew prayers for Pope Francis

Various readers have asked to hear hazan (cantor) Ari Schwartz who sang the memorial prayer for the fallen of 9/11 before Pope Francis at Ground Zero. Here’s the video:

ari schwartz

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  • Absolutely ravishing voice! Thank you, Norman, for posting this. He reminds me a great deal of the unforgettable Joseph Schmidt, both in his effortless high register as well as in his impeccable intonation. Even his face bears a certain resemblance — although he seems to be a little taller than Schmidt, who was only about 5’1 (1.5 meters).

    Todah rabah!

      • Since he served “as a soloist in the Israeli Defense Forces Rabbinical Troupe”, his height was probably not an issue. But he certainly looks taller than Joseph Schmidt was. In any case, he has a very pleasant voice with sensitive musicality and perfect intonation.

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