Brilliant London violist took his own life, inquest is told

Vincent Sipprell, a sometime member of the Elysian Quartet and several rock bands, was found hanged in January while having treatment for depression.

Vincent, who was 35, had played in the London Schools Symphony Orchestra and studied at Trinity College of Music. He played in an historic performance of Stockhausen’s Helicopter quartet (1st right) in Birmingham.

A verdict of suicide was returned.


elysian quartet

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  • What to me is saddest: wasn’t the music there to help?

    Could it have?

    I thought that’s what it’s nature is.

    With all this fussing about whether this or that: the music is modern enough, or that person is a great performer or not, or how well done this or that is: which method is superior… and whose effect and which and every way you go there’s more ideology and mental knowing what’s right….


    My heartfelt condolences.

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