A leading Danish ensemble has less than a month to live

A leading Danish ensemble has less than a month to live


norman lebrecht

September 06, 2015

The well-known Esbjerg Ensemble in the southwest of Denmark has been warned it will lose its subsidy in a programme of regional cuts on October 5. The ensemble has been the only classical group in its region for 17 years.

Here’s an appeal from its director, Michel Camille, asking you to sign a petition.
Esbjerg Ensemble


  • Gerhard says:

    It might help raising more support if some information about “the petition” would be given.

    • Michel Camille says:

      Dear Gerhard, thank you so much for your interest. If you read the description on Youtube page “Part I. Drastic proposal, if passed will cut classical music in Esbjerg,” http://youtu.be/fDD7NOGVufM after the description there lies a link to the petition. http://www.skrivunder.net/bevar_esbjerg_ensemble Please read also Part II, which gives further explanation of Esbjerg Ebsrmble’s dilemma. To fill in the petition it is necessary fill in the details at the bottom of the page. Fornavn is First name. Eftenavn is family name. Yours sincerely, Michel Camille

    • Michel Camille says:

      PETITION in English language can be found at http://www.petitions24.com/esbjerg_ensemble

      • Michel Camille says:

        Esbjerg Ensemble, established in 1967 is Denmark’s most distinguished full-time chamber ensemble.
        The international group composed of nine different nationalities, consists of string quartet, wind quintet, piano and percussion. I wish to correct that my role in the ensemble is playing viola, which is not to be confused with my role since 1999 as founder and Director of Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival. Esbjerg Ensemble is managed by the Artistic and Administrative Director, Katrine Ganer Skaug. Please read about the petition and the danger to Esbjerg Ensemble’s 50 year existence at http://esbjergensemble.com/appeal-to-politicians/

  • Nicholas Smith says:

    I agree that the Danish language petition is not helpful if they wish an international response. However, it is not difficult to sign and leave a comment. This is an outstanding ensemble who have been serving their community with quality classical chamber and contemporary music, education and outreach projects for over 50 years as well as representing their region on a national and international stage. They also provide a very important platform for contemporary composers. Once gone, there will be a musical vacuum in West Jutland.

    • Gerhard says:

      I give up. Captcha’s megasuck is just overwhelming.

      • Michel Camille says:

        Dear Gerhard, ( I just came out of a rehearsal)
        If you wish to fill in the petition please click the YouTube page and go to the bottom of description to see link to petition.
        Thank you and yours sincerely,
        Michel Camille

        • Gerhard says:

          I have done it in the meantime. My commentary was only venting my frustration after three futile attempts to post a reply here, courtesy of Captcha. But thanks for the link and good luck!

  • Holger H. says:

    Didn’t they just close another orchestra in Denmark recently? Is it one of these countries where the education system is post 1968 based on this egalitarian cultural ideology, that everything is equally valuable, and that high arts are not higher than popular mass culture?

  • Katrine Ganer Skaug says:

    Hi all – just to complete the story:

    Esbjerg Ensemble was SAVED by the politicians thanks to a successfull campaign, we are all happy and relieved. Our position in Esbjerg is now stronger than ever – it was a true wakeup call, both for us and for the city, to over night realise what was at stake.

    With Best wishes
    Katrine Ganer Skaug

    Artistic & Managing Director