Meredith Monk receives the National Medal of Arts from President Obama.

After two months of mourning for Friedemann Weigle, the foremost German string quartet has put out an audition notice for an new partner. Apply to the address below.


artemis quartet


The Artemis Quartett Embarks on the Search for a New Member

After a period of contemplation and mourning after the loss of our violist Friedemann Weigle, we would now like to look ahead and fill the missing position in the group.

Since Gregor Sigl is both a violinist and violist, we have decided to keep our options open by accepting applications for both the viola and second violin position.

In addition to a detailed resume, please send us a video (mp4) with chamber music (string trio to string sextet).

Impresariat Simmenauer
Artemis Quartett
Kurfürstendamm 211
D-10719 Berlin


Das Artemis Quartett sucht neues Mitglied

Nach einer Zeit der Einkehr und der Trauer um den Verlust unseres Bratschisten Friedemann Weigle, möchten wir nun wieder nach vorne blicken und die vakante Position im Ensemble neu besetzen.

Da Gregor Sigl Geiger und Bratscher ist, haben wir entschieden, uns bei der Suche nach einem neuen Mitglied alle Möglichkeiten offenzuhalten und die Position sowohl für Bratsche, als auch für zweite Violine auszuschreiben.

Neben einer ausführlichen Vita erbitten wir, den Bewerbungsunterlagen ein Video (mp4) mit Kammermusik (Streichtrio bis Streichsextett) beizufügen.

Impresariat Simmenauer
Artemis Quartett
Kurfürstendamm 211
D-10719 Berlin

Fascinating details revealed in a hometown tribute to the 80th birthday boy.

The young lad attended school, fooled around with his friends and became fixated on films screened in the local cinema. Music entered his life bit by bit, but from a certain point onwards it overshadowed everything else. The radio became the focal point of his life: after all it played classical music. On Fridays, live concerts were transmitted and the young Pärt biked to the central square of the town, which had a loudspeaker attached to a post. He used to circle around that post until the end of the concerts. Today the sculpture of a boy with a bicycle on the central square in Rakvere is reminiscent of those occasions.


Essential reading for Pärtners.

Click here for more.

A message from D&G:

“The Last Night of Proms” is the most important on screen musical event in the world, with over 11 million viewers featured on the BBC Channel from the UK, USA, and Australia as well as across Asia and most of Europe. For this special occasion the German renowned tenor, Jonas Kaufmann will wear Dolce&Gabbana.

The concluding event of the concert season composed of eight weeks where a full symphonic orchestra held concerts even twice a day, will take place the 12th of September at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Jonas Kaufmann will be the first non-Anglo-Saxon voice to interpret “Rule, Britannia!”.

For this occasion, Jonas will wear two Dolce&Gabbana looks: in the first part of the concert Jonas will wear a 3-piece Martini Suit in jacquard wool, with a pique plastron tuxedo shirt in white, polishing the look with slipper shoes in silk faille.

While interpreting “Rule, Britannia!” Jonas will flaunt a long velvet jacket with black lapels detailed with black and white polka dots, satin ties and black silk frog, a double-breasted wool vest with black tuxedo pants. The look is completed by slipper shoes in black lace, a gold brooch with the English flag expressly created for the event and a black silk bowtie.

kaufmann normal

Not enough people want to fly there from London, apparently. Wonder why. Flights will cease next March ‘because of reduced passenger interest.’

The only cheap carrier is now Wizz.



St Thomas Church, New York, will hold the funeral tomorrow for John  Scott, its Organist and Director of Music, who died suddenly last month at the age of 59.

St Paul’s in London, his previous cathedral will offer prayers of commendation on Friday 9 October at 5 pm.

john scott st paul's

The tenor, who is closing tomorrow’s Last Night of the Proms, has been on BBC breakfast. Watch here.


kaufmann bbc

It’s one of the oldest in the country but an IS4 million deficit and the loss of Government subsidy seems certain to put 40 musicians out of work over the High Holidays period. Report here (in Hebrew).

Ariel Zuckerman is the artistic director.

israel chamber orch

The Minnesota Orchestra, still bouncing back from a 15-month lockout, has released preliminary year-end figures.

In the fiscal year ended August 31, the orch spent $31.6 million. Fundraising brought in $14.8 million. Box-office achieved $8.1 million.

The gap – $7.7 million – was drawn down from investments.

Still a deficit, then.

musicians for minn


The self-inflicted death of the former Chetham’s violin teacher is yielding more insights into his methods:

At first I was very impressed with him. He was a very good teacher. He inspired me to practise a lot but then as the lessons went on he introduced a punishment regime. If I played a wrong note he would smack my bum. At first I was shocked but it made me practise really, really hard to ensure I didn’t make mistakes. I just wanted to make sure I played perfectly.

He would also stand behind me and put his bowing arm around mine but he would be standing too close.

Full account here.

chris ling


The Estonian composer, an unlikely folk hero, is celebrated on new releases from ECM and the Tallis Scholars.

His most iconic piece?

Or this?
arvo part praemium imperiale

This is what a Go-Pro camera can show when you attach it to either end of an instrument.

pavel frumin

The violinist is Pavel Frumin, from Kiev, Ukraine.