Young Turk is Europe’s composer of the summer

Sinem Altan has been named winner of the European Composers Prize 2015 at Young Euro Classic in Berlin. The work that caught the judges’ ear is named  ‘Hafriyat – Earthwork’.

Sinem, 30, was born in Ankara and lives in Berlin.

sinem altan

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  • Interestingly, the music in the video sounds like the many different folklorisms of the twenties and thirties of the last century, which appear to offer more possibiities than postwar modernism. A hopeful sign that it was rewarded the ECP.

    • You’re absolutely right: it sounds as if nothing has happened in the history of music in the last hundred years or so.

  • I guess the dreary little composer and judges never heard of Copland , Antheil,Varese ,
    Chavez to name a few from the last century . Nothing like reinventing the wheel .
    And such second rate reinvention …………..

    • It is not history creating music, but music creating history. Revisions in art are normal, and ‘new’ and ‘good’ are two different things. Maybe the piece in the video is not a master piece, but at least she tries to write music, tapping into something timeless: folklore. Healthier than suffering from metastasis:


      • PS: Since the wheel was invented, it has remained in use. The inventions of squared, triangled and quintuplet wheels have been one-off experiments.

    • What an odd macho piece that is. There does not seem to be much substance in it, and it sounds as if written by the anatolian Hittites in Cappadocia.

  • what does ‘European’ mean nowadays ? If I moved to India and wrote new music based on English choral tradition, would I become ‘Asia’s composer of the Autumn’ ?

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