Long-serving English conductor renews at New Haven

Long-serving English conductor renews at New Haven


norman lebrecht

August 11, 2015

William Boughton, who joined the New Haven Symphony Orchestra as principal conductor in 2007, has renewed as music director to 2019. William, 65, has led the college-town orchestra recently in a complete cycle of the works of William Walton, whose manuscripts are lodged at Yale.

william boughton


  • JB says:

    There is no formal relationship between Yale and the NHSO. Yale’s orchestral conducting staff includes Shinik Hahm who looks after the postgraduate orchestra (Yale School of Music), Toshi Shimada (undergraduate orchestra), and Peter Oundjian (regular guest conductor of the postgraduate orchestra). Mr. Boughton does not have a position at Yale.

  • AM says:

    JB is correct. For a start, Yale is one of four tertiary education institutions in New Haven. The NHSO doesn’t ‘serve’ any of the members of any one of these more than any other, and there are plenty of people in New Haven who attend concerts who aren’t connected to any of these institutions. The orchestra has no direct connection to Yale. You’ve leapt to an unwarranted conclusion on the basis of an inadequate knowledge of the facts.

  • Itsjtime says:

    Norman, Norman, dear Norman… Research… The New Haven Symphony rents the hall from Yale University. I assure you the checks(paltry as they are) come from the New Haven Symphony not the university. There is absolutely NO merit to the assertion that they are linked by any agreement besides that of tenant and lessee.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Ok tks… my knowledge of the orch is based on one afternoon’s visit.

      • Jeffrey Biegel says:

        True, no connection. But the fact that the NHSO rents from Yale for performances provides them with a luscious acoustic. (We did Brahms’ Second Piano Concerto together there, and I remember being washed around a beautiful, warm sound throughout the Yale concert hall). That they have renewed Maestro’s contract is a no brainer. His recordings from England still resound through the radio waves here with scintillating repertoire not often heard.

  • Respect says:

    Seven Degrees of Separation to Jeffrey Biegel. Every thread. Master of shameless self-promotion.

    • Jeffrey Biegel says:

      A concert from 2009 is not self-promoting. The post deals with the relationship between the orchestra and Yale, and the extension of Maestro’s contact. Sorry you read it that way.

  • Leo says:

    I didn’t interpret that NL made any connection that NHSO is an orchestra of Yale. On the unrelated subsequent points that there is no formal relationship between NHSO and Yale I think we should acknowledge the long standing historical relationship that existed between NHSO and Yale before the current music faculty got off the ground as we know it today.

    • Jeffrey Biegel says:

      I agree with you, Leo. Perhaps NL assumed those who read his threads may be aware of these inner community based relationships. Happens–shouldn’t be such an issue when such good news is shared to begin with. In a world of turmoil, good news is always nice to see. Thank you, NL!

    • Leoz says:

      The title of this post originally read Yale, rather than New Haven as it reads now.

  • Respect says:

    And to prove your point, you add two more. Get that name out there…good old Amuhrican Pr…..

  • Glenn Hardy says:

    Where does it say anything about Yale in the original posting other than the fact that Walton’s manuscripts are there?

  • Gaffney Feskoe says:

    Good news for the NHSO, which I am given to understand is the fourth oldest established symphony orchestra in the USA.

    I believe that William Boughton’s wife teaches violin at the Yale School of Music.

    • YSM says:

      NL states Boughton serve the Yale community, and that is partly right. Yale is a part of New Haven. Shinik Hahm does not teach at Yale School of Music anymore. Janet Boughton does not teach at Yale School of Music, either. Bravo to William.