Top surgeon: ‘We can soon save your voice’

Top surgeon: ‘We can soon save your voice’


norman lebrecht

August 19, 2015

This is Steven M. Zeitels, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center:

‘A lot of what’s considered aging isn’t really aging when it comes to voices. It’s long-term trauma. If someone has used their voice a lot, their vocal cords stiffen. We are working on materials — we just received our second patent — for synthetic materials we can put in the vocal cords to make them soft. It will be just as important what you put into a vocal cord as what you remove, and that’s the future within the next three to five years.’

Soon enough for the man below? Read more here.


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  • Brian b says:

    I think what goes with a lot of singers as they age are not the cords so much as the diaphragmatic support.

    • D says:

      Congrats! You have outsmarted a vocal surgeon… Haha—snark aside, look up presbylaryngeus. It’s a real thing.