This youth orchestra saved a refugee’s life

Intriguing history in the South China Morning Post of a Vietnamese refugee who was mouldering in a camp when an audition to the Asian Youth Orchestra put his life back on track.

Today, Khac-Uyen Nguyen is music director of a London chamber orchestra.

Nguyen says: ‘Before arriving [in] Hong Kong I had only ever been to two cities and those were in Vietnam. I had never met a foreigner… Suddenly there I was, wearing an AYO T-shirt travelling, playing music and making friends with people from all over Asia.’

Full story here.

Khac-Uyen Nguyen (left) with dancer and fellow Vietnamese refugee Huynh Kien Binh in Hong Kong in 1991.

Khac-Uyen Nguyen (l) with dancer Huynh Kien Binh in Hong Kong in 1991.

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