The particle physicist who restores erased recordings

The particle physicist who restores erased recordings


norman lebrecht

August 24, 2015

Of course!

It takes a genius of a physicist to remove the crackle and pop from eroded old recordings.

Fascinating read here.

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  • Janis says:

    I imagine they’ve already turned him loose on the infamous 18-minute gap …

  • Janis says:

    No dice — just read up on non-paywall places. Optical tech. Still pretty cool, though.

  • Jonathan M. Dunsby says:

    ==infamous 18-minute gap …

    Sorry, what’s that ? Please tell

  • joe s says:

    Must subscribe to read the article. That’s OK, it is old news now anyway. The efforts to restore the Brahms cylinder, as an example, were online years ago, and it is fascinating, if not completely beyond my capacity to understand how it is done. Equally fascinating are the people who use digital tech to make recordings made _before_ Edison playable again. The oldest existing sound recording now dates from about 1860 and was recorded in France. Viva la France!