Social and personal: Billy Joel, 66, has a baby girl

The pianist-songwriter has become a father, a month after getting married (things move so fast nowadays).

billy joel wedding

He has a 29 year-old daughter by a previous marriage.

He is a recording artist for Sony Classics.


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  • So the 4th wife (who’s only a few years older than his daughter) of a washed-up New Yawk lounge act gives birth to a kid who will likely not be out of grade school before he is an invalid octogenarian, and we are supposed to celebrate or care?

    • I think I’d give him a little more artistic credit than that. But maybe the sad part is that he was able to land a contract with Sony “classical” based entirely on his being a celebrity. I remember doing a double-take when I saw the cover of something of his published by G. Schirmer. His name read: William Joel.

      He is not the first pop musician to feel that he had to do something “classical,” despite being enormously successful in his chosen area. Paul McCartney comes to mind.

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