Rattle’s next release will be on LSO Live

A sign of things to come: Sir Simon Rattle’s next record deal is with his next orchestra.

His debut release is Schumann Das Paradies und die Peri.

Sample here:

Simon Rattle Petition photo fixed (3).jpg-pwrt2

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    • EMI no longer exists, unfortunately. It’s one more example of how American companies have bought up most of the greatest names in brand history (remember what happened to Cadbury’s and the promises that were made to its employees?). EMI is now part of the Warner empire.

  • I like very much that it’s a relatively unknown piece. Exactly the kind of thing we need more of, and exactly the kind of thing the mainstream labels aren’t quick to produce.

    • Indeed. Not to mention that it is beautiful and very interesting. While there are some good recordings of it, there is definitely room for another good one.

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