Old people are guilty of sex at concert

Old people are guilty of sex at concert


norman lebrecht

August 12, 2015

It’s August.

‘A couple from south Wales have been fined for outraging public decency by engaging in sexual activity during a concert in Hyde Park.’

The story’s here.

la linea sexy


  • Erich says:

    I thought interactive audience participation was all the rage these days!

  • James McCarty says:

    At least it wasn’t with a sheep.

  • Max Grimm says:

    I guess I best enjoy my youth while I can, if 47 and 48 resp. turns one into “old people”.

    • Sergei says:

      So, at 73 is a miracle I’m still alive. Nowadays, “old age” begins at 80!

      • CDH says:

        No kidding. I was picturing some obscenity with walkers or other tools for coping while wrinkly. There people are just adults — hardly oldies.

        Must be something in the coffee that affects common sense, accuracy, fairness, etc. Because spite, misleading-to-dead-wrong information, prejudices for and against certain artists, are becoming a more and more prevalent feature of this site.

  • David Boxwell says:

    This is why Ravel’s “Bolero” can’t be programmed any more.

  • Philip says:

    In the wretched weather we’ve had this Summer? Makes one proud to be British!

    • M2N2K says:

      Is commenting on the story without reading it, a British custom too? This “crime” was committed last year when the weather was (wasn’t it?) less “wretched” . And by the way, it happened in September, so the first sentence of the post does not make much sense either.

  • Jonathan M. Dunsby says:

    =One man who was near the couple at the time, Mike Holden, filmed them on his phone.

    Haha, this peeping-Tom should be prosecuted too

  • Hilary says:

    They were showing love for each other but this was deemed as being “revolting”….

  • Stephen says:

    Judge Charles Wide QC told the couple they “both need to be taught a lesson by being fined” for this “particularly revolting behaviour”.

    Who wins Prig of the Week prize, the judge or the Peeping Tom who leeringly took a photo then claimed to have been shocked? Hyde Park has obviously changed a lot since my youth when it was an idyllic place for free love.