Old people are guilty of sex at concert

It’s August.

‘A couple from south Wales have been fined for outraging public decency by engaging in sexual activity during a concert in Hyde Park.’

The story’s here.

la linea sexy

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      • No kidding. I was picturing some obscenity with walkers or other tools for coping while wrinkly. There people are just adults — hardly oldies.

        Must be something in the coffee that affects common sense, accuracy, fairness, etc. Because spite, misleading-to-dead-wrong information, prejudices for and against certain artists, are becoming a more and more prevalent feature of this site.

    • Is commenting on the story without reading it, a British custom too? This “crime” was committed last year when the weather was (wasn’t it?) less “wretched” . And by the way, it happened in September, so the first sentence of the post does not make much sense either.

  • =One man who was near the couple at the time, Mike Holden, filmed them on his phone.

    Haha, this peeping-Tom should be prosecuted too

  • Judge Charles Wide QC told the couple they “both need to be taught a lesson by being fined” for this “particularly revolting behaviour”.

    Who wins Prig of the Week prize, the judge or the Peeping Tom who leeringly took a photo then claimed to have been shocked? Hyde Park has obviously changed a lot since my youth when it was an idyllic place for free love.

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