‘No pianist under forty exerts this level of fascination’

My Album of the Week on sinfinimusic.com examines a pianist who gives away less of himself in a concerto than he does in a solo recital. Read the review here.

prok piano

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  • You are looking at – perhaps – the last stand of a practice in music once called ‘classical music’. In 10 years, who knows what DG would be recording (if it still exists, and doesn’t fuse with ‘Mercury’ – although everything points that way).

    Trifonov is from another generation, and another time. Its great to see but its unlikely to determine what will happen with him and pretty much anybody who does not bend over the need for ‘outreach’ and sales. Labels need to sell – its as simple as that – and millennials think Classical Music means 2-cellos or the new Mother Falcon.

    Since they will dominate the consumer world in the next 5 years, what do you think Labels will want to do ??

    The clock is ticking Norman – the time has come.

  • Dear Mr Lebrecht, please reign in your increasing habit of tantalising the readers of this blog with cut off images and mystery trails, simply designed to increase your own hits. I for one find it juvenile, irritating and unappealingly narcissistic.

    • Risky. It must be an English thing. I am in constant touch, by correspondence these days, with an English friend with whom I share an interest in an entirely unrelated field. He, too, cannot accept criticism, or even correction. Just takes the hump.

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