No more music on New York’s Music Row

The last music store on the block of 48th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues has announced it’s closing down.

The strip used to be a mecca where you went to buy, upgrade or repair and instrument, not to mention meet musicians of every calibre from all corners of the world. But rising rents, typically tripled to $12,000 a month, have put the music stores out of business. New York is killing another part of its character.

rudy's music shop

More here.

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  • “Financially, he’s doing OK: Carozza got into the stock market and real estate years ago, buying several apartments and even a former Sam Ash building. He sold that to the Rockefeller Group for $33 million in 2008.”

  • New York and London are both victims of the “new economy” and have lost much of their character because of it .

  • CD’s are a relic of the past. Move on.

    Lets see what else has NYC done without: Gas Lamps, Horses (except in Central Park), the train that moved stuff from the piers to the meatpacking district (now the Highline).

    Be sad as you may about losing this, the 10-15 yr olds who have never, and will never buy a CD wont complain.

    Society moves one.

    • Reading the link to the actual article my help.

      The store sells musical instruments NOT CDs. Hopefully,10-15 year old kids may still be interested in playing music, not just listening to it.

      • In which case they’ll either go to one of the many stores in New York City that sell musical instruments (even though these stores don’t happen to be all in a picturesque row in midtown) or else buy the instruments online. Really, all this weeping and wailing is over the fact that a few shops have changed their addresses.

  • It is just so expensive in NYC anymore. Unbelievable what the past ten years has done there in terms of rising rents etc. I had hoped to move back eventually but doubt that will be possible. Very depressing.

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