Music students are happiest at….

Music students are happiest at….


norman lebrecht

August 12, 2015

The results are in from the annual UK survey of student satisfaction.

You’ll have to look a long way down … 73rd place… to find a dedicated music conservatoire, but at least there is one, or two, in the top 100.

At 86% satisfaction, let’s hear it for Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

At 85%, it’s the Royal College of Music in London.

The rest must try harder.

Here’s a crowing press release from Manc.



  • Anon says:

    Voluntary surveys are not brilliant evidence.

    • Kenneth Griffin says:

      Anon: “Voluntary surveys are not brilliant evidence.”

    • G.E says:

      These surveys are completely voluntary. As someone who took part, I’d say that just because one might make the criticisms abundantly clear in such a survey (for the sake of useful feedback rather than yet another league table), it isn’t to say that one wouldn’t praise the institution immeasurably at the same time.

      It is to be expected (yet still ridiculous) that the ‘top’ institution from this survey should use it to frame themselves as the ‘top place for music students’, without factoring in employment prospects, achievement or the particular location of that institution.

  • G.E says:

    False alarm: Birmingham Conservatoire is the best, apparently…

  • Bill says:

    Yes, but BC is not an independent conservatoire, it is a conservatoire within an university. The NSS results for music is fascinating, and highligh the need for these institutions to be clear about who they are and what it is that they offer. One of the nine UK conservatoires isn’t even a Higher Education Institution. No mention of that on their website! Some have 20 one:one lessons over three years other 40 over four. So it really is not comparing like with like. Some of the details in the results show tremendous underperformance for institutions who claim to be worldclass and charge £9000 for the priviledge.

  • Grace says:

    Well said Bill. How are students meant to decide when none of the 9 UK conservatories are transparent. Norman do a full piece please on compairing UK conservatoires provision.