Morris dancers attacked by blind football hooligans

Morris dancers attacked by blind football hooligans


norman lebrecht

August 13, 2015

morris dancing


It’s August.

Things happen.

Police were called after a mass brawl broke out in a pub car park between a group of morris dancers and a blind football team.

The problem, they say, was bells. Not balls.

Read all about it, right here.

morris dancing

UPDATE: This is a hoax….. but such a good one.


  • Wurtfangler says:

    I fear that the name of this august news gathering organization’s crime writer may suggest an element of leg pulling (with, or without bells) – Hugh Dunnet.

    • CDH says:

      The same issue has an article on John Lennon’s Give Peas a Chance. Is nobody familiar with The Onion? This is the Southwold version.

  • Furzwängler says:

    We get Morris dancers here in Bedford (UK not US) too at about this time of the year, performing their gruesome jangling dances in the street outside my house. One could easily become homicidal. The horrible noise makes Boulez’ “Incises”, discussed here today, sound almost humane.

  • Tim Walton says:

    No racial offence meant (other than to Morris dancers)

    Why can’t Jews do Morris Dancing – Because you have to be a complete prick to do Morris dancing!

  • Mr Marple says:

    It’s August. Things are made up. Especially by satirical sites such as the Suffolk Gazette.

    Still, well done falling for it.