London singer needs help in pancreatic cancer fight

London singer needs help in pancreatic cancer fight


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August 05, 2015

Louise Plowright, star of West End musicals Mamma Mia and Wicked, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years ago. After life-saving surgery,  Louise’s cancer went into remission.

At the beginning of 2015, the cancer returned. There was nothing more the doctors in the UK could do; they advised that her only option was palliative chemotherapy.

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Louise contacted Dr Woo-Chul Moon in South Korea, who has developed a treatment that creates an individual vaccine from the patient’s own blood cells to attack the cancer.  Dr Moon has treated more than 50 patients with stage 4 inoperable cancer, 90% of whom have lived for over 2 years. In order for Louise to receive this treatment, she will have to travel to the Seoul National University Cancer Hospital. Initially she will have to stay for five weeks and will need to return to Seoul to receive additional treatment in the following year.

Louise needs to find £140,000 and has today started a 30-day Crowdfunding campaign that will allow her to get this treatment to save her life. See

Louise’s sister, the well-known mezzo-soprano Rosalind Plowright writes: ‘I am Louise’s eldest sister and we are a very close family. I am an opera singer (theatre plays a major role in the Plowright family). We lost our mother to cancer and our sister Marion is a cancer survivor. As a family we must beat Cancer.’

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  • Been There says:

    I am so sorry, but Dr. Moon does NOT cure cancer and the patents who think they are cured find out they are not when they return to the states and obtain INDEPENDENT CTs and blood tests. Pts are told to continue chemo in the states. They have surgeries in Korea with little anesthetics and poor hospital supplies. I have followed over 50 pts ALL WHO DIED. All their diaries read the same. He sells nothing but false hope. Internet testimonies are sometimes from now-dead people He has never been on staff at MD Anderson! His Houston lab is illegal. TRUE costs are not told ($250,000 per pt, always CASH up front). Please please read about fraudulent cancer “doctors” at this website: or google his name and korea and stem cells.

    • says:

      Everyone dies at some point, sick people tend to die faster than people who are well. Cancer is wicked, stage 4 of pancreatic cancer is up there with the worst of the worse.

      My just is there are 5Mx more people that die via chemo treatment then Dr Moon treatment, what’s the cost for all of that?

      Hope is powerful, faith is very powerful, but fear has a way of killing hope and faith faster than any cancer kills people, at this point you are killing her with your fear.

      If you don’t have a better answer for her why not consider another article or campaign to engage where your contributions are not so lethal.

      • Jonathan Cable says:

        $250k, cash up front – I can’t think of a bigger red flag than that – and you think someone is just “fear-mongering”? We’re just supposed to say “Ok, what does it matter, let’s just hand over £140k”? Seriously? All any of this will do is make this quack of a doctor even richer than he already is. I am anything but heartless, and I’m a two-time cancer survivor. I can imagine what Louise Plowright is going through, and I’m extremely upset that this is happening to her, but is that a reason to just blindly line the pockets of this man? If he really could do what he claims, we would all know about it and it would be published in all the medical journals, and his activities wouldn’t be illegal in the US.

        • Current Patient says:

          I don’t understand where Jonathan Cable gets his information but it is totally inaccurate. Same with first post. Never was anyone ever asked for cash of that amount up front at any time. Each case is different but NEVER did I hear that. Furthermore, should people slander Dr. Moon when they were not even patients of his to begin with? As his cancer patient I feel compelled to speak out about this negativity when people like myself are actually getting cancer treatment from this doctor in Korea. He isn’t practicing in the U. S. and the laws are different in Korea. Has anyone priced the chemotherapy they flood us with here that kills all of our cells? Much more expensive and deadly.

          Good for you Louise and other patients. I can personally attest to the intense therapy given every single day for weeks. Here in the U. S. they wanted to give me intra peritoneal chemo (surgically) to kill off everything for $950,000. That didn’t include the Doctors bill.

          As far as I can tell, all of the doctors offering other treatments besides chemo are in trouble in one way or another here in the U. S. Hundreds of thousands of patients leave the U. S. for international health care every year. This information is readily available on the news and internet.
          Thank you and if you are blessed enough to go to Dr. Woo Chul Moon than do it. As his patient, I highly recommend him over and above anyone.

      • A Patient says:

        I am a real patient of Dr. Moon’s and went to Korea for cancer treatment in 2010. The “Been there Geek girl” with her outdated blog did not have cancer. Her mother did and was there for treatment the same time I was. Unfortunately this patient didn’t survive very long after returning home and her daughter (geekgirl) has been blaming Dr. Moon and interfering with potential patients to receive treatment. This is a travesty because I am one of the survivors that did every step of Dr. Moon’s therapy. I am a real patient that can vouch for this treatment over traditional treatment.

        I wish Louise all the best with her treatments with Dr. Moon! She made a great decision and she has a great attitude which is imperative for healing. I am alive today because of this doctor and am forever grateful. I would also recommend “The truth about cancer” (Ty Bollinger) series for additional and factual information about cancer, chemo and real doctors from around the Globe like Dr. Moon. Everyone should watch and learn that cancer is a huge money maker for Big Pharma. Have you priced chemotherapy that has only a 3 percent survival rate?

        I wish you all the best and am sending healing energy your way

        • Geek Girl says:

          No, dear family member (you never mention that part, do you?), I don’t go around blaming this doctor. I wrote a blog of my mother’s experience. People are smart enough to figure things out for themselves. You go on every site you can and tout that you are a survivor. There is more to that story than what people know and that is something that I hope you will receive help for someday. I see your writing in so many of these online responses (“big pharma” “just sayin”, etc, etc). In the end, we all know our truths.

  • J Anthony Kaye says:

    Below is a testimony from a living patient and survivor of Dr Moon’s treatment in the USA. It was sent on 9th August 2015. While personal testimonies have no place in traditional medicine, the only alternative being offered to Louise Plowright is palliative chemotherapy (care of the terminally ill). So you see, having been written off here in the UK, it is pretty much a no-brainer to seek care somewhere else and try developing techniques like gene immunotherapy, stem cell and CyberKnife treatments as Louise will be doing:-

    “When I first contacted Dr Moon on the recommendation of friends from London, my doctors in the U.S. were sceptical since there was no data to back it up. However, after I had caught my cancer early and used the absolutely highest regarded doctors in the country who both screwed up and gave me the wrong chemo and left breast tissue right next to the original sight since they regarded my case as minimal and I went from barely stage 1 to stage 4 with a 30% change of survival after 1 year of chemo and a double mastectomy, I did not care about their opinion. My new oncologist was sceptical ‘but said if I believed in it and he did not think it could harm me, he was willing to work with me. He did the chemotherapy and I had doctor Moon do his immunotherapy off shore. After 1½ years of the doctors here saying it was a waste, all of the major cancer institutes are using immune therapy in trials with great results. One of the women who is being treated with me and almost died in Korea and was given 6 months at the most to live with anal cancer that had returned and was all over her liver, is showing no tumours in her liver in her last PET scan last week, after being treated by Dr Moon in April. Her doctor said that the problem is that
    Dr Moon used so much on her that they don’t know what worked and they should have done it more methodically. That is the problem. If they did it more methodically, she would probably be dead by the time they tried each therapy for three months at a time, not knowing which would work. There are no guarantees if Dr Moon can cure you or put your cancer in remission, but, although expensive, it is more than worth a try instead of waiting to die and having no hope. Can your doctors say that you have a fighting chance of living more than two years with their therapy and having a high quality of life? This is such a personal decision that only you can make. So far, all of the six people being treated by Dr Moon, all of whom have stage 4 cancers (breast cancer in the bone, inoperable pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, anal cancer in the liver, stage 4 melanoma in the liver, and triple negative breast cancer), are really doing great but one did not make it. She came to Dr Moon when her doctors wanted to put her in a hospice. She did live another 4 months.”

  • MiMi Bunn says:

    I was treated by Dr Moon in 2017. I had stage 4 adrenal cortical carcinoma. A fatal cancer for adults. In Korea I received cyber knife on my tumors in my lungs and Dr Moon’s therapy. Upon returning to the states, my tumors had exploded. Two months later, I received 1 dose of Keytruda. Within six months I was cancer free! I am the first adult to survive this cancer. Still many do not survive. Dr’s are now studying me to find out why my body responded so quickly to Keytruda. I believe it was God and the therapy I received at Dr Moon’s clinic. I remain cancer free and perfectly healthy!