Lang Lang cancels

Lang Lang cancels


norman lebrecht

August 15, 2015

The Chinese pianist, who never cancels, has dropped out of tomorrow’s birthday concert in Neumünster, Germany, for his mentor Christoph Eschenbach, who turns 75.

Also out of the gala event is Midori, who is unwell.

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  • PDQ.BACH says:

    Some would consider this cancellation a positive, indeed generous, birthday contribution.
    Now you might very well think that, but of course, I couldn’t possibly comment.

    • Furzwängler says:

      It seems that, like me, you are an afficionado of House of Cards? (the original UK version with Francis Urquhart, not the far inferior US remake). Not that I could possibly comment, of course.

    • Neven P. says:

      Fully agree with you!

  • Edward says:

    I have been told that major artists don’t want to be seen with nor perform under Eschenbach anymore, as it really doesn’t help their careers to be associated with this man, as he has far far too much baggage.

    • Brian from Washington says:

      Thanks for the intel, Edward. You’ll be the first to let us know when Lang Lang cancels his October concerts with Eschenbach and the NSO and his 2016 European tour with them?

      For what it is worth, a couple of days ago Lang Lang was assisting earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. I’m surprised SlippedDisk didn’t report that.

      • CDH says:

        Are you? Lang lang is only covered here in sneering tones. He is not approved. He is on the same list as Katherine Jenkins and Russell Watson and, apparently, Placido Domingo. Lang Lang can do no right in these precincts.

  • CDH says:

    Did Lang Lang offer a reason? I he did, it is unconscionable not to use it, when you offer Midori’s (increasingly frequent — one worries for her) excuse.

  • Vocalise says:

    Lang Lang owes his career to Eschenbach (who gave him his first big break) – so only a good reason could keep him away from this special concert.

  • Lisa says:

    Lang Lang has great respect for Eschenbach, often speaking highly of him in interviews. Personally I think that Eschenbach both playing and conducting a Mozart concerto at the same time is just a more suitable program choice for his own birthday concert.

  • Chrystyne Jackson says:

    I so deeply regret this Cancellation. Having never missed anything on Lang Lang and Eschenbach, I am certain that both are very sorry, they are very devoted to one another.
    Happy Birthday Maestro Eschenbach.