Just in: Korea court clears orch exec, accuses maestro

A court in Seoul has cleared the former Philharmonic chief executive, Park Hyun-jun, of sexual harassment and bullying. Police have been told to question the music director Myun Whun Chung about $100,000 of flight expenses.

Park was forced to resign after widespread staff discontent. Her political oligarch family are seeking retaliation against her accusers.

First report here (in Korean).

park seoul

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  • Chung was only thinking that he was entitled to all the same perks every slimebag ahem, er, excuse me, “honest and ethical” Western conductor can successfully double dip, er, um, request for reimbursement.

  • Ms. Park is the only victim of the incident. None of the accusers from the “Chung” oligarch could provide evidence nor witness to the police. I just wish Norman to have fair point of view based on unbiased information!

    • The children of South Korea’s elite like Ms Park are rarely “victims”! They have a long tradition of looking after their own. On the issue of unbiased information, there is no Chung oligarchy! The Chung family is one of the nation’s most internationally recognized. If any were an oligarch, their political power would have ensured this on-going hatchet job would have been still-born!

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