Juan Diego Florez: My voice is changing

Juan Diego Florez: My voice is changing


norman lebrecht

August 06, 2015

The king of the high Cs has acknowledged that his voice has undergone changes in his late 30s. He has paid more attention to technique and now, at 41, feels comfortable once more. He is weeding out roles that no longer suit his voice and adding some.

As for recordings, ‘nothing’s selling – not me, not anyone – except Cecilia Bartoli’.

Full thoughtful interview here (in Spanish).



  • herrera says:

    I agree, I listened to his recital at the Salzburg Festival

    (http://fr.medici.tv … can we give a shout-out to medici tv for providing so much excellent free content, from the Tchaikovsky competition, to Verbier, to Salzburg? kudos)

    and his voice has darkened. His upper register was annoyingly bright the last time I heard him, now it has acquired a burnished tone. And yes, those high notes are harder to hit, and visibly, it takes more concentrated physical effort. But at 41, his roles should be evolving from the young dashing Lotharios to something else anyway. OK, maybe he’ll never be a great Otello (but who knows), maybe a Wagnerian heldentenor?

  • Federico says:

    Very interesting! Just one word: these interview was published on november 9, 2014

  • MarieTherese says:

    The dateline on this article is November 9, 2014, making it nine months old. Is there a reason why it’s being printed here now as if it’s an interview that Mr Florez had just given? Slow news day.