Glyndebourne is back on crutches

Glyndebourne is back on crutches


norman lebrecht

August 04, 2015

Danielle DeNiese, countess of Glyndebourne who opens in a Ravel double-bill this weekend, has been hobbling around the rehearsals on crutches. An ankle injury, apparently. Dani tweets: ‘Mortified to be on crutches, thought they blended best into gold 🙂 Very excited for Ravel.’

danielle deniese

Last summer, the German soprano Christiane Karg sang out a Mozart run in excruciating pain with a dislocated kneecap. In 2010, David Shaw played the fox in Stravinsky’s Renard with the assistance of a crutch.

Opera in the countryside is all very glamorous, but one needs to be aware of fox-holes and things that go bump in the night.