Everything that’s wrong with classical downloads, starting with Kim Kardashian

Buzz has a fun and fairly comprehensive post by Niz Mohan on all the things that drive classical seekers up the wall when we try to get streaming or download from the main providers.

Starting right here…. with the non-violist.


Click here for the full splat-list.

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  • This is all correct. Rhapsody is no different. For example, they have the DG Ferenc Fricsay box set on streaming and download. Great. Pull up the menu and you get: 1. Allegro Moderato.

    No indication of what the piece of music is. So, you have to go to DG’s website and look at its catalog to find out what you’ve got lined up to listen to.

  • You’d think someone who makes sex tapes and post nudie pics on social media couldn’t also make you weep at her peerless performances of Britten and Hartmann, but it’s true. She’s a phenomenon!

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