Don Bradman’s granddaughter tops Australia’s aria charts

Don Bradman’s granddaughter tops Australia’s aria charts


norman lebrecht

August 23, 2015

Greta Bradman, granddaughter of the greatest batsman that ever took guard, is a professional concert singer.

After studies in Wales with Dennis O’Neill, she has been working with Richard Bonynge on a debut album with the English Chamber Orchestra. Bonynge says ‘she should be singing at Covent Gardn.’

Her recording is now top of Australia’s core-classical charts and Greta is off on tour with  Zubin Mehta and the Australian World Orchestra.

It’s rare for the physical world of professional sport to meet the spiritual realm of art, but when it does the confluence can be fascinating.

Nic Newling, for Australian Story. 7 April, 2015. Photography by Quentin Jones.

Watch an ABC doc on Greta here.


  • Laura says:

    Ok, I have to admit I listened to the clip, thinking it was going to be your “Whatshername Boyle” or Charlotte Church ilk, and was astounded by the beautiful voice I was hearing. Such a lovely voice! Thanks for telling us about her!