David Garrett cancels last night of BBC Proms

BBC statement: ‘We are sorry to announce the David Garrett will no longer be available to appear at Proms in the Park, Hyde Park.’

No explanation, not even an excuse of being ‘indisposed’.

Bad conduct by the would-be Paganini.

david garrett paganini2

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  • I am intrigued by the wording ‘will no longer be available’ — does this mean that the artist has had a better offer from elsewhere, and has ignored Henry Wood’s mantra of always honouring an existing engagement?

  • He has finally, after extensive searching, found someone who could exercise a professional hair cut. Nobody would let THAT go.

  • Mr Garrett has been sick with a contagious respiratory problem, at his NY apartment, for the last few days. Flying over the pond is not a wise thing to do in his condition, nor a considerate behaviour toward other travelers in the same flight.

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