Breaking: Classical label chief is beaten up in Moscow

Andrey Krichevskiy, head of the Melodiya record label, has been severely beaten up near his office. His condition is described as serious and he has been transferred to the central clinical hospital.

Andrey has been the subject of threats since he opposed a government reform of authors’ rights which threatens to enrich certain oligarchs and leave composers and performers without revenue.

Andrey said his attackers repeatedly threatened to beat him again if he persisted in opposing the measure.

andriy krichevsky

Just another day’s work in Putin’s Russia.

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  • I’m sure Putin will shed tears the way Stalin did after Kirov was assassinated on his own orders. Very sad really because Russia is turning its back on its own future.

  • This is just awful. Beating up someone because they spoke up for the rights of artists Putin’s Russia is no better than the Nazi regime. There is no free speech left in Russia, it seems. How sad.

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