Bayreuth gets hoaxed by @Fake account

Bayreuth gets hoaxed by @Fake account


norman lebrecht

August 20, 2015

It has been a quiet summer on the Green Hill, but such news as there was has been leaking out on @BayreuthFest, a fake Twitter account.

It seems Katie Wagner had never heard of Twitter. Now she has.

The hoaxer is a 24 year-old Wagner lover called Juana Zimmermann. She has offered to turn over her account to the official festival, so far without a response.

Story here.

bayreuth fest fake account

Follow Juana before she gets taken down.


  • John Borstlap says:

    What a pity, that the internet, and the twitter and email services, were not developed in the 19th century…. Imagine what we would have: RW twittering like hell, annual publications of ‘Die versammelte Emails von RW’, streaming Bayreuth Performances (against grave payments), and a continuous flow of personal video lectures by RW on YouTube.

  • william osborne says:

    Two years ago thousands of counterfeit tickets were distributed as a sort of social commentary. I think hoaxing Bayreuth is becoming a German sport…