Bavaria names a Richard Wagner mountain

wagner rock2

This handsome peak has commanded the Bodenmais in Lower Bavarian for half a billion years.

Now someone has spotted a certain resemblance to a famous profile.

So for the coming year at least it is going to be designated the Richard-Wagner-Kopf.

wagner rock1


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    • On the subject of the beast of Bayreuth – could a kind soul more technically adapt than I kindly guide me back to the online broadcast of Tristan (from BR Klassik)? I watched Acts 1 & 2 whilst packing for the Edinburgh Festival – and was saving Act 3 for my treat tonight….. now the replay link posted on this sight no longer works.

      Thanks for any help.

    • .
      Lourdes pales into insignificance in comparison.

      I’ll wager that ‘Travel for the Arts’ has this in their brochures for 2016 already!

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