Austrian TV announces paid-for classics streaming channel

Access to the online portal will cost users 20 Euros a month. The channel will draw on the vast filmed archives of Munich-based Unitel, as well as live opera and concert broadcasts from ORF.

Another sign of things to come, aimed at the German-speaking market of ‘Klassikfans’ (eeeeek!) .

Will it work?

First details here.

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    • It will not be different, archive productions of Unitel + some new live concerts from Austria, not necessarily top level and it will not be a commercial success. Just as Medici , Digital Concert Hall and others are struggling financially, it will run for some time, then the platform will be gone. As soon as the Investors are fed up, it will be gone.

      People are not willing to watch an entire opera or concert of classical music on the Desktop Computer/Laptop/Tablet.

      Summary: nothing sensational to be excited about.

  • … yes, the term “Klassikfans”! It’s OK, that’s standard contemporary colloquial German, it’s been in the vocabulary for ages, as first caught my eye in a TV magazine synopsis years ago regarding a German TV broadcast of Ken Russell’s film “Lisztomania” (1975) – the synopsis concluded (in German) with “Klassikfans will hate it!” (… as well some of them might!!) – nothing to get too alarmed about. ūüôā

    • Somehow this reminds me that when last spring the Berlin Philharmonic was very much in the news, some German media were mentioning its distinctive “sound”. The same subject was often referred to in English media talked about its “Klang”.

  • Its ghe only way to scale the work of the handful of orchestras ghat will be left playing what originally counts as classical music. The base of users though, wont last long.

    Maybe 10-15 years until ghey are all gone?

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