Announcing Steve Jobs: the opera (who gets to play Glenn Gould?)

Santa Fe Opera has just announced an opera on the life of Apple founder, Steve Jobs. The composer is Mason Bates, the librettist Mark Campbell.

The opera will premiere some time in 2017.

Jobs was a Glenn Gould groupie. Who should we nominate for the piano role?


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    Gould wont even appear in the credits. Its not that important. Joan Baez for sure will, as well as other popular artists. MAYBE…..MAAAYBE Yo – Yo ma (Jobs had him play in his house, as per his biography).

    In the context of what Jobs did for technology, for the music industry, and for the world….his relationship with classical music is a tid bit more important than the fish taco he ate the day they founded Apple.

    Keep it real people…

  • I would imagine a recording of Glenn Gould playing in the background perhaps? Curious to see whether this figures in at all.

  • For the role of GG, Eddie Redmayne can probably do well. Unless of course Daniel Day-Lewis is available to shorten himself by about 18 cm.

    • Whats your problem with successful people? Virtually all the operas of the past were entertainment for despot monarchs.

      Should we go back? No thanks.

  • For your information, the Lyon opera already commissioned and premiered in march 2014 “Steve V – King different”, an opera by Roland Auzet.

    The music being to one’s taste or not, the actor performing the title role, as well as the singer singing “Steve Job’s cancer” we’re both very good.

    PS your Captcha system is so unpractical on a phone !!

  • Obvious first choice to play (sic) Glenn Gould, when he’s finished his run in Hamlet that is–Benedict Cumberbatch…

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