After global uproar, US Air ‘finds’ 8 lost violins

After global uproar, US Air ‘finds’ 8 lost violins


norman lebrecht

August 24, 2015

Eight violins mislaid early last week by US Air, were delivered yesterday in St Louis.

The cellist and teacher Ken Kulosa, who was responsible for shipping the instruments, tell us:

‘Unbelievably, we got a call this afternoon telling us the case has arrived in St. Louis, five minutes before, we get a call telling us the case was just identified in Barcelona….one minute after the good news, we get a call telling us it has not been seen in Charlotte. This is what we have been dealing with–at least 150 phone calls later, we have it!’


violins st louis


And previously:

Here’s what we’re dealing with: a supervisor in St. Louis at US Airways yelled at us for not doing our job in contacting the right people–supervisors–within the company both domestically and in Barcelona (we’ve been on the phone steadily since Wednesday night, well over a hundred hours of combined time, hundreds of dollars in overseas calls. All we have found are phone numbers that are always busy(a rouse to make you feel like something is happening, emails that are returned to sender after two days, fax numbers that are fake, it goes on and on…..).
When this man was asked for names and numbers that would produce results, he told us the information was private, inside information, and would not give them out! WHAT IN THE HELL IS A PERSON SUPPOSED TO DO?

Do not ever believe that we fly the friendly skies.


  • Marg says:

    You should contact CNN or one of the U.S. Cable networks. Get the story out and shame the airline

  • The View from America says:

    I can see the claim check on the bag in the photo, so obviously there was one. That was the ace in the hole, because with that, it doesn’t matter if the baggage was “never scanned into the system” – a claim check is proof positive that the airline received the article for carriage, and is responsible for delivering it undamaged at the destination.

    It seems like the “new” US Airways (a.k.a. American Airlines) subscribes to the “old” Northwest Airlines motto that a NWA pilot once told me: “We’re not happy, ’til you’re unhappy!”