A bleak week for poets

A bleak week for poets


norman lebrecht

August 26, 2015

In addition to Charles Tomlinson, we have lost Stephen Rodefer – ‘a resort darling’ – and the mischievous Cynthia Macdonald. May they rest in peace and harmony.



  • Scott Bentley says:

    Ear up, or
    Get off

    —in fond memory of Stephen Rodefer (1940-2015)

    Temptations in sex, given

    up approximate location. Just to stand
    under the place holder your language cast
    across conclusion. No one’s right, everyone
    believes, more simply—one stop short

    less becoming. And to sidle up
    with a hoarse voice hushes

    the animal. Whenever we, too,
    put on those lovely gloves, over

    and out these findings
    a fingerling, adrift

    in consensual draft, Lincoln

    Taken with particular errant
    accent, a likeness.

    this may never, for once
    taste anything at all: like chicken. Fear not, now
    and again I say, ‘rejoice, rejoice.’ In Indiana
    Diana was a huntress. Note, how

    nude the word ‘tampon’ in pieces finds itself, broken
    beneath the shelf of the previous stanza.
    Chandelier, swing low
    the party zealots

    speak bakery French—
    chief loaf chef bus

    so sheer a kiss that parting scores, alive
    nor any longer a matter of desire. Let’s re-do
    in order to detour the book the outcome
    rent its plural detriment. As is today

    alacrity our country nonsense. He’s dead
    to me, to you, a mere

    dance, shadow step

    reflect, move over.