This just in from Ken Kulosa, teacher of cello at Washington University, St Louis:

ken kulosa

US Airways has lost my violins!

I am making an appeal for help from employees, managers, and/or executives from US Airways to help us get action in the process, which has been full of roadblocks, passing the buck, and “we can’t make the call”. It appears as though US Airways simply doesn’t care, or doesn’t want to try.
We last saw our 8-violin shipping trunk as we passed it off to oversize baggage in Barcelona on Wednesday the 19th. As far as the airline can tell us, no trace since, as it was never scanned into the system. After hundreds of calls: to the airline, as well as our own exhaustive investigations, we have gotten basically nowhere…..we very much fear theft, certainly at the very least, massive negligence.
All we ask for is a physical inspection of the facility, but they refuse to even make a call to Barcelona, just emails that go without a response.
Over the years, the one thing I’ve learned about airlines is when they say they can’t do something, it just means they don’t want to bother. This is devastating….please PM me if anyone can help, or can put me in touch someone that can, or simply more details.

My many thanks to all!

Lorenzo Antonio Iosco, principal bass clarinet of the London Symphony Orhestra has announced he’s moving to Hong Kong in November as principal bass clarinet of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

lorenzo antonio iosco

Last week, principal viola Paul Silverthorne let it be known that he’s moving to China as professor of viola at Soochow University.

It’s starting to look like a trend.


Statement from Vienna Pil:

We mourn the loss of our dear co-principal cellist Friedrich Doležal, whom we will always remember as a very kind, cheerful and humorous colleague.

Fritz, as we use to call him, joined the orchestra in 1968 (first as member at the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, then in 1973 as member of the VPO) and retired only last year on September 1, 2014. May he rest in peace.

fritz dolezal

The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra kicks off its season with the world premiere of Kalevi Aho’s Symphony No. 16, conducted by Hannu Lintu. Written for mezzosoprano, 60 strings and percussion, it sets poems by Gertrud Kolmar, who died in Auschwitz.

Weeks later, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra under John Storgårds opens its season with the word premiere of Paavo Heininen’s Symphony No. 6.
Is there another city in the world that still fights over new symphonies?
helsinki snow

We don’t have the answer to that, but the evidence can be seen on this amateur video of two beluga whales disporting themselves last week to the sound of a solo cello.



The video was taken by wildlife charity on Manitoba’s Churchill River.