Universal chief gets five more years

Vivendi announced today that Lucian Grainge will stay on as Universal CEO until at least 2020. That’s good for classical. He’s a fan.

lucian grainge amy winehouse

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  • You mean for Anoushka Shankar, for recordings of The Who from orchestras, David Garrett, Andrea Bocelli, and the like.

    Oh right, thats classical music. I had forgotten, sorry.

    Further, it doesnt matter what he ‘Likes’. He’s an employee to a public company with a fiduciary duty to shareholders, and if that means to continue to transform classical music into something more popular, he’s going to continue for sake of the company and his job.

  • Lucian Grainge is not seen nor known as a big fan of classical music. Seeing what has become of Universal’s classical labels since Mr. Grainge has been CEO of Universal doesn’t make me too optimistic for the future neither. Universal has decimated its classical business and I personally hardly pay any attention to what they are doing nowadays.

  • Norman, with respect, you could be seen as just regurgitating an insider’s promotional ‘puff”. Grainge is and remains a ‘suit’. One wouldn’t want to insinuate that personal interest played a part in this, would one?

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