Sadness: Elina Garanca mourns her mother

Latvian National Opera has just announced the death of Anita Garanca (10.02.1949 – 23.07.2015), one of the country’s most respected vocal teachers.

Anita’s daughter Elina cancelled all summer engagements to be with her mother in the late stages of her illness.

anita garanca

Our sympathies to Elina and the family.

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  • I would like to express my support for Ms. Garanca on the death of her motherand teacher. It is difficult to loose someone who is so close and special. Ms.Garanca is a very special artist from whom we can expect great things. Her mother and her family are important elements in her life and artistic growth. To Ms. Garanca, a quote from a recent recording,”Lux Aeterna” May perpetual light shine upon her.

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